Value Investor

Based on the book by Benjamin Graham

Since 2010, this portfolio has returned 80.9%, outperforming the market by 52.4%.


This deep value methodology screens for stocks that have low P/B and P/E ratios, along with low debt and solid long-term earnings growth.

Annual Return: 8.9% TSX: 3.7%
Year To Date: 13.4% TSX: -0.8%
Beta: 1.07 Accuracy: 52.4%
Full Return History

Portfolio Holdings

Ticker Date Added Return
LNR 4/8/2016 22.20%
WEF 2/10/2017 20.49%
MG 4/7/2017 12.26%

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All-Time Top Performers

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Tickers with ** denote stocks that no longer trade due to a corporate action, such as a buyout or merger.
Ticker Return
** 139.12%
IVN 97.24%
SSO 96.77%
P 76.79%
SMF 64.92%